Why choose thINK Colors

The solution which brings together the pigment's brilliance with dyes' trasparency

thINK COLORS is an innovative, versatile and environment-friendly series of products created by Colorlac for its customers. We had been asking ourselves how we could meet the demands of those who, each day, face a constantly evolving market and our answer is


We are talking about a brand new, multifunctional series of pigment micronized that have been carefully selected for their technical characteristics of high resistance and processed to become highly transparent.

High Yield

Cost saving

thINK series products allow to achieve the desired result by using a smaller quantity of product compared to other coloring products.

Fast application

Time  saving

The thINK series has been designed to allow the user to achieve the desired result with fewer applications, saving time and resources.

High resistance

For all uses

thINK series products are endowed with excellent resistances both in terms of resistance to light, water drop and migration to PVC.

Brilliance and uniformity

Less application

With thINK series products it is possible to obtain effects of high transparency and uniformity, with fewer steps compared to other coloring products.


Usage differences between thINK colors and other coloring products


Color Range

thINK series consists of 13 colors available in 4 versions

W Water- U Resin free - N Nitrocellulose - E Ethylcellulose

thINK Colors is a project of COLORLAC, a company with over 30 years of experience in dyes.

Industrial dyes and pigments

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